Camp Creek Hunt Club 

Camp Creek Hunt Club 

(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What are the “Camp Creek Hunt Club” Dues?
A: 2022, $1250 for returning members. $1300 for new members (the extra $50 is a one time application fee).

Q: How much land is “Camp Creek Hunt Club”?
A: We have approximately 1,400 acres.

Q: Does “Camp Creek Hunt Club” have Club stands?
A: Yes- Permanent tower stands, ladder stands, two-man ladder stands, and tripods. They are first come first basis at 4:30 am of the morning hunt.

Q: How many members does “Camp Creek Hunt Club” carry each year?
A: We have on average 20 members each year. Waiting list after 20 members.

Q: Does “Camp Creek Hunt Club” have Food Plots?
A: Yes- we have an annual food plotting program for Spring and Fall along with minerals.

Q: Does “Camp Creek Hunt Club” practice QDM deer management?
A: Yes- we have a minimum inside spread limit of 12” and 4 points one side. We also allow a member’s spouse or youth hunter that has never shot a Buck before to shoot a buck under the guidelines without paying a penalty for the deer. Once done then it’s back to the above requirements of the 12” inside spread and 4 points on one side.

Q: How many work days are required by each member each year or season?
A: “Camp Creek Hunt Club” requires you as member to attend and perform 2 mandatory workdays each year. Not getting in your required workdays will forfeit your right to hunt that season and your dues will not be refunded.

Q: What wildlife if I become a member can I hunt at “Camp Creek Hunt Club”?
A: We have mostly deer, turkey, hog, and coyote hunting but will allow squirrel hunting.

Q: Can I run dogs on “Camp Creek Hunt Club” property?
A: No

Q: Do you allow riding of ATV’S in the off season to be just riding?
A: No, atv’s are and can be used in the hunting season to and from your stands, to retrieve your kill and also in the aide of working on your stand that you may put up in the workday sessions.