Camp Creek Hunt Club 

                                                                                   CAMP CREEK HUNT CLUB RULES - 2020

“Camp Creek Hunt Club” lies in South Carolina Game Zone 2 and all state regulations apply with regard to seasons and limits and other laws set forth by the state.  Additionally, the following will further govern the club.

MEMBERSHIP - Annual membership dues are $1,250. 1/3 of membership dues are to be paid by end of Jan.($350) and is non-refundable. If the first payment is not received by Feb. 7 member will lose their spot.  The other 2/3 are due by the end of April.   New members will pay $1,300 for their first year.  The extra $50 is a onetime application fee.  Memberships include household family members. Exception: Children living at the member’s home over the age of 21 will be considered a guest and will be required to pay the $25 Guest fee and complete a waiver form. (Note: College students of paid members are allowed to hunt under their parent’s membership).  Anyone under 15 years of age must be seated with the member or an experienced hunter 21 years of age or older.

A wait list will be started each season to fill possible openings.  We will take member recommendations for new members first then will pull from website/Facebook for spots if needed.  People who want to be added to the wait list will need to fill out an application and mail it in so we have it on file. 

At our annual meeting, changes to any rules will be voted on and a majority vote will be needed for changes to be made.  Officers will be voted on as well and a majority vote will be needed.

The Lease will be held in the club’s name, CAMP CREEK HUNT CLUB and will not at any time be changed or held in an individual’s name.

WORKDAYS- It is mandatory that all members participate in TWO workdays.  Workdays will be the second Saturday of the month unless otherwise noted.  In addition to the monthly workdays, there will also be at least 4 workdays devoted to food plots/planting.  If you are unable to attend a workday, please contact one of the club officers to make alternate arrangements.   Missing one workday will result in a fine of $75.00 and a 2-week suspension during the first two weeks of gun season.  Missing two workdays will result in a $150.00 fine and a 3-week suspension during the first three weeks of gun season.  All fines will need to be paid prior to stepping on the grounds of “Camp Creek Hunt Club” of either archery season, muzzleloader season, and or rifle season of the present year from May 10th 2020 to May 10th 2021.

To receive “credit” for a workday you must sign in at the check in board.  The person in charge of the workday will sign off on the sheet to make sure it is accurate and it will be given to an officer. You must also stay until all work is done for the day.  If you leave early, it will only count for a ½ day and you are still responsible for ½ a day.

1.   All antlered deer are required to have a minimum 12” inside spread AND 4 points on one side 1” or longer. All bucks will be measured with a steel rod that will be cut to a measurement of 11 7/8” to give a small variance to the 12” inside spread requirement. This rod will be kept at the sign in board.

2.  **The deer’s head will need to be photographed with rod in between rack for verification and posted on the kill board.

3.  Each membership harvest is limited to 2 club legal bucks and 3 does. The first buck must be 12 inches and the second buck must be 14 inches or wider.  A club tag may be purchased for $100 to harvest a 3rd club legal buck. Guests are only allowed 1 antlerless deer (see Guest rules).

4.   Antlered deer killed less than 12” of the above requirement will require the member to pay a fine of $150 and a one-week suspension (Suspension begins immediately) from hunting on the club property of “Camp Creek Hunt Club”.

5.   A second offense results in immediate dismissal from the club for the season and the member will have to be voted back in the following season.  If an illegal deer is taken and not brought out then that member, and whoever knows about it is out of the club.

6.   All deer and turkeys are to be recorded on the reporting sheet at the map board.

7.  Youth hunters and spouses who have never killed a deer can kill anything under the minimum whether it is a buck or doe. After their first kill then ALL CLUB rules will be in effect!

8. During Archery season only, a member may shoot any antlered deer.  There are no restrictions.  You may only use a vertical or compound bow. NO CROSSBOWS!!

9. No field dressing and leaving gut piles on the property.

10. If you shoot at a deer you must attempt to harvest that deer.  You must make every effort to retrieve the deer and remove from the property.

1.   All stands and areas are open to members on a first come basis.

2.   Permanent stands like boxes, tripods and ladder stands are to be numbered on the map board even if they are your personal property.

3.   You must use your numbered tag to mark the area you are hunting and only after 4:30 am on the day of the hunt.  You must remove your tag after each hunt morning and evening for safety reasons.

4.   Your tagged area must also cover family accompanying you.  Children under 20 years of age to 15 years of age need to be close enough for visual and verbal contact and others within 100 yards for family member and also can be located at the nearest CLUB STAND. Family/Guests over the ages described above will be considered a full guest/family with no restrictions as to where to go to hunt.

5.   Climbing and portable hang on type stands, blinds, and ladder stands are permitted to a maximum of 5 and must be done before deer season begins. All portables are to be carried in the day of the hunt, left in for the time period you are hunting (days you are there or week you are taking off to hunt) or by bringing out the same day you are hunting after the evening hunt. You may leave the portable in as one of your 5 counted lock ons during the season too! Blinds placed on food plots or roads will be considered club stands. *You may not hunt a member’s lock on, climber, personal blind, or ladder stand (not on a road or food plot) without their permission. Required: please label your personal stands with your name and number so that a member may contact you if they are interested in hunting your stands.

6.   You must use the gates and lock each after passing.  You paid for the right to use the property so don’t leave it open to others who did not.  Do not bypass the gates and create an easy path for those trespassing against you.

7.   September 1st will be the last time to go in on the property to move stands and scout before the archery season starts a week and a half later.

8.   No joy riding on ATVs / motor vehicles during deer season. NO EXCEPTIONS!
Camera checking, putting out corn, and sighting in a rifle is allowed between the hours of 12-2 daily.

9.   Riding roads during peak times- minimize road travel and use most direct route to stand.  For example don’t mark board, drive to camp then drive out to the stand you’re hunting.  Mark the board and head to stand. Be mindful of those who are already in the stands hunting.

10. Blaze orange is required to be worn during gun deer seasons while moving on the ground to and from check in box to your stand location. *Your decision whether to wear it while in stand.*

11. No alcoholic beverages / drugs are permitted on the club property during hunting season.

12. Members and Guests are asked to use tethered tree straps where necessary on all stands for your safety.

13. Anyone that is not re-upping from the previous year will need to have your stands out and off the property by February 15th of each year.

14. No more than 2 stands may be occupied by a paid member and his/her family.

15. Make every effort to keep Camp Creek Hunt Club clean.  This includes stands, campsite and roadways. If you bring trash in- take it out with you!  Do not leave trash in fire pit- either burn it or take it with you. 

**TURKEY SEASON- Camp Creek will not be sponsoring a Turkey Season for 2020!!
*if you choose to hunt turkeys do not hunt over food plots that are not germinated and do not hunt near feeders, it is your responsibility.
Members bringing a GUEST can only have 1 gun between the two hunters, there is NO GUEST FEE for turkey hunting.

1. You may hunt hogs or coyotes day and night until muzzle loader season.

2. During deer season you may hunt hogs/coyotes 3 hours after official sunset. 

3. You may not bait hogs over food plots

4. There is a $25 guest fee for hog hunting and the fee must be paid within a week. There is no limit on how many times a guest can hunt.

5. Members and guests may not occupy more then 2 stands.

1. Night hunting is permitted at CCHC.

2. Hunters must log their hunts and kills on the sheet in the check in board.

First time a rule is broken a member will be contacted by an officer and it will be discussed.  The second time the same rule is broken the member will be given a 1 week suspension.  If the member breaks the same rule for a third time, the member will be done for the season.  At the annual meeting the member in question may address the membership and all members will vote whether the member is re-instated or let go.  If the member is voted back into the club and breaks the same rule a 4th time the member is out of the club permanently.

1. If a member wishes to have a camper on the property year round, a $200 fee must be paid to our leasing company and is due when you pay your membership dues.  If you do not keep your camper on the property year round there is no fee, however your camper must be off the property from June-August.

2. Camping may only be done at the campground.

3. No fires except at the campground

1.   Each member is limited to 4 daily guest passes total for deer season only and the daily fee is $25.  An individual guest is limited to 4 daily hunts total.

2. During hog season only members may bring guests as many times as they would like. There is now a daily $25 guest fee for hog hunting.

3. The member must notify Brandon High or Tyler Hines prior to bringing a guest and a waiver form must be signed and filled out (located at the check in stand) before entering the club property.

4. A guest may shoot 1 antlerless deer only.  **If a guest shoots a buck there will be a $150 fine and a one-week suspension of the member whose guest shot the buck.