Camp Creek Hunt Club 

Member Waiver and Indemnification


158 Pine Valley Drive, Stanley NC 28164

Greg Carroll, Treasurer (704) 681-0086

I,__________________________________________(print name) obtain permission to use "CAMP CREEK HUNT CLUB" land as a member, my heirs, and personal representative, waive and release "CAMP CREEK HUNT CLUB", it's employees, agents, licensees, and representatives (collectively "CAMP CREEK HUNT CLUB") from any claim or loss surrender by me and arising from my use of, or presence on "CAMP CREEK HUNT CLUB" lease.

In addition, I will indemnify and defend "CAMP CREEK HUNT CLUB" from any claims or loss allegedly caused by any act of omission by me and arising from my use of, or presence on, "CAMP CREEK HUNT CLUB" leased land.

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